An infectious card game for sick adults needing laughter as medicine

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Cards For Pandemics ... TOO SOON?

How long do you need to wait before you can joke about something that wasn't funny?

A minute, a day, a week, a month, a year...?

It can't be too soon for 2020, can it?

What a year. One for the history books. So you survived, but what better way to put it behind you than to laugh about it with your friends and family. We didn't just laugh when we made this card game; at times, we cried until our jaws hurt. You will too!

This fill-in-the-blank card game was created for playing in isolation from other card games, but it can mingle nicely with others if you sanitize correctly. Play with friends at whatever social distance you choose; that's the way we designed it.

We made Cards For Pandemics with the concept of laughter being the best medicine.

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What is Cards For Pandemics?

Cards for Pandemics is a fill-in-the-blank card game based entirely around the madness that was 2020. It's filled with inappropriate questions and answers that include everything related to being stuck at home for extended periods through to the elections.

It's a standalone card game you can play with multiple people, sober or not. We do know that Cards For Pandemics has a fresh take on 2020, and you'll laugh your way through the memories.

Add it to your card game collection today; you won't regret it — no more than you regret voting for Kanye.


The idea for Cards For Pandemics was to laughter about what had been a very challenging year. While other games exist that we've played and loved, our concept was to focus on the crazy that was 2020 and now 2021.

More than that, it became a family project. My adult kids, their partners and my wife all contributed to bringing this Game into the world.

As a family, we wanted it to be fun but also to give back to other families. We've chosen Hummingbird House as the charity we're supporting right now, which is the only Children's Hospice in our state.

I visited there in another role, donating money to help families who have children needing care at the end of life. It's a beautiful service for people going through one of the hardest things families can go through.

It's close to home, for me, because it happened not only to my parents but to another close family when I was growing up. I never knew how little care there used to be, but I do now. We are donating $1.50 from every box sold to Hummingbird House, and we'd love you to help us help other families.

No, it won't. In fact, it will probably make them healthier and more fun. Many fill-in-the-blank card games can be comingled and enhanced with other questions and answers. Cards For Pandemics is similar. With our own custom game rules, you will find it is more than fun enough on its own, though!
We don't think so. At times the only way to retain your sanity in an insane world is to laugh. When things are at breaking point, you need a circuit breaker, so we wrote up the year 2020 in a way that will help you put it behind you. Are some cards a bit edgy? Yes, they are. That's the nature of this type of card game.
If you're asking that question, then you've already answered it. You already love playing fill-in-the-blank card games, and you'll love Cards For Pandemics. Like you need new books, movies or tv shows, you need new content to help keep your games fresh. Get our game; you won't regret it.
No. We included content from other parts of the world because we think broader. We haven't included everything, and we created it for the lowest common denominator. So it's written in US English. Keep your eye out for the 2021 Booster shot pack. You'll find more worldwide additions in that.
We wanted to make Cards For Pandemics available as quickly as we could. Instead of running a crowdfunded campaign like Kickstarter, or similar, we ordered the card games, and they are on their way to us right now. While the demand continues as it is, we're ordering more constantly, but they take time to be printed, cut and shipped to our warehouses. You can order now, so you don't miss out, and as soon as more stock lands in our warehouse, your order will be shipped immediately.