Cards For Pandemics


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  • Shipping August 2021 The very first edition of Cards For Pandemics is on route to the fulfillment centre. We're just waiting on the boat. Once it has arrived we'll be shipping all orders.
  • Guarantee We guarantee that at least one member of your family will be offended. Maybe your parents, your kids, an Aunty named Karen. Mostly we guarantee you'll laugh a lot. Guaranteed.

What's in the box?

Cards, lots of cards. You'll find 75 Yellow question cards and 302 White answer cards. These cards are the same size as many typical fill-in-the-blank cards games.
You'll also find the custom game rules printed on the side of the bottom section of the box.

Your purchase adds to a worthy cause.

You can read more about it in the FAQ's but for every box sold we're donating $1.50 to a children's hospice in our home town. That means you get to help families when they are at their most vulnerable, and one of the saddest things any family has to go through.

This game was made by our family and we'd like you to help us help other families.

Is it a standalone game?

Yes, it is. There's more than enough cards for you, and at least seven other friends to play the game and not run out of content. Like many fill-in-the-blank card games, you can play it regularly, and it still feels fresh. With so many unique cards, 2020 memes and themes, you'll constantly be laughing.